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Verso Tower Teacher Music
Verso Tower Teacher Music Verso Tower Teacher Music

The Verso® Tower securely stores away the
midi keyboard


New Riser 2013

The Verso® Music 1260

Designed to house a 4 octave midi keyboard. Commonly utilised as a teacher desk or for senior students studying GCSE, A level or further education. The teacher music desk enables seamless integration of music technology with sequencing and multi-tracking in an instant.

The Verso® Music Tower computer workstation utilises standard PCs. All models have a locking tower cabinet as standard and a locking music keyboard drawer. The optional iTech® Remote Access Panel is particularly useful with the music desk as it can be populated with extra USB or firewire as required and is conveniently located above the tower case for utilising peripherals.

Customised music desks area a possibility for specific requirements ie, for slightly larger keyboards.

  • Optional remote access panel

  • Quick release powerglide® mechanism

  • Unobstructed work surface

  • New upgraded cable management

  • Networking through the desk or to floor boxes

  • New upgraded metal riser accommodating widescreen monitors


Verso Computer Workstation Dimensions:

Desk dimensions

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